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Came across this book review recently, and had the following reactions:

1) Book goes on short list for fiction to-read.
2) Flashback to decasia concept.
3) I should build the real-time "Portrait of Dorian Gray" I spec'd out a couple of years ago. (As if badgerhaus needs to resemble the Haunted Mansion even more than it already does. Riiight.)
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A couple of days ago I read about NASA losing the original moon tapes and now I can't get that song from Warren Zevon's _Transverse City_ album out of my head. Or the film Capricorn One, either. The article says the tapes may be fading and inaudible. If so, I want them. Ok, not to keep, obviously, they're not for any one person. No, I want access to work with them and create a disintegrating audio piece reminiscent of Decasia: The State of Decay or William Basinski's Disintegration Loops.
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Last night's dying whines of the stereo as the car battery gave up its last electrons gave me an idea. Now I need to find a variable power supply in the, say, 9v range, or figure how to, say, hack a battery-powered radio or toy (anything with a built-in speaker) to simulate lower-than-designed voltage. Bug an engineer or find my circuits book.

This is probably because one of my online music shops sent out their weekly email and announced they now have the Decasia DVD for order [1]. I heard the dying stereo and thought of doing the soundtrack for this film I currently only have a mental image of from reading the description. Either that or I'll try something really pretentious and do a score behind a dramatic reading of Shelley's "Ozymandias". Hmm. That might be fun, anyway.

[1] So I did.

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