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Birthdate:Nov 12
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Website:Surrounded By Skulls and Spiders
Abstract: badger is a geek and goth who listens to feedback, plays music most people call noise, raises scorpions and talks to the wind.

Supporting detail:

  • Professional:

    • A technical writer and system administrator in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina.
    • A writer of several books, all of them about computers (I don't do fiction, although I read a great deal of it). My two most recent projects were the Macworld Mac OS X Bible, Jaguar Edition and Mac OS X Panther in Ten Steps or Less, both for Wiley Publishing. Nothing recent, tough.

  • Musical:

  • Other:

    • Apparently the poster child for the Scorpio archtype, or so people tell me.
    • In search of the 28-hour day to better suit my apparent built-in daily energy cycle.
    • I maintain a few websites mostly oriented to local concerns, including:
      NC Goth
      Research Triangle Park Area Technical User and Special Interest Groups which was called 'a geek's guide to the Triangle'. I helped maintain the
      movieminder local film resource for a few years before it vanished.

  • Elsewhere:
    What I tend to write about in this journal: shows I've performed, shows I'm going to perform, musical tricks & techniques I figure out or find, practice sessions, movies I've seen, shows I've attended, the occasional book or CD review, the progress of my current book writing project, and raising scorpions. Plus the obligatory occasional almost-random observations.

    What I don't tend to talk about in this journal: the popular online quiz/survey/personality test of the week/"what bananarama song reveals your inner feelings about breakfast?" results.

    Friending policy: Add away, I don't mind a bit. (Only added here after people kept asking.) Comment to say you're here if you like, but don't feel concerned if you don't.
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