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* The Returned: Zombieism as a metaphor for AIDS: not curable but controllable with medication, which is running short. Nicely done, solidly written and paced.

* Big Bad Wolves: A horror movie in the way Reservoir Dogs is a horror movie. I liked it, M didn't very much.

* Grand Piano: Elijah Wood as a piano virtuoso who's been in retirement for five years with crippling stage fright whose return to the stage is met with a note in the score that if he plays one wrong note he dies. Like Big Bad Wolves, not a bit of supernatural. Grand Piano is essentially a very good early Brian De Palma thriller. Strongly recommended.

* They're Coming to Get You, Barbra! - US comedic short films.
Killer Kart - "I look at him and I see a lot of years - not all of them good." I think of it as Avram Davidson's "Or All The Seas With Oysters" done as a horror film.
The Root of the Problem - Dentist.
Songs in the Key of Death - Zombies have perfect pitch, so a piano tuner uses them in a morning tv show local business feature.
Call Me Crazy - Pretty good.
Rope-A Dope - Wordless Groundhog Day bit filmed by stunt men. Really nicely done.
Out of One’s Misery - Filmed in West Jefferson NC.
Christmas Carvings - Filmed locally at the Myers House in Hillsborough.
M is for Mime - Almost as short as the next and last. Very well done.
Welcome to Dignity Pastures - Very short, one-liner of a flash film. Funny because it doesn't drag itself out.
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