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Monday: a surprise-to-me screening of the found footage film Decasia at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. Decasia had a big impact on me in 2005 when I acquired the DVD, and seeing it on the big screen in the recently restored Carolina (Cinema One) was awesome. Good Q&A afterward with the director who was here in town for the weekend.

Tuesday: Saw Margin Call about the beginnings of the 2007 financial collapse at Lehman Brothers at the Colony Theater in Raleigh. Fantastic cast, solidly acted.

Wednesday: Triangle DevOps meeting about Incident Response at Heroku. Excellent talk about how they handle problems, and their future strategy.

Thursday: My friend Lynn invited me (thank you very much) Todd Rundgren at the Carolina Theatre in Durham.

We had excellent seats: all the way in the back row of the floor level of Fletcher Hall, but dead center so the sound was nicely balanced. Fletcher is one of my favorite venues for live music in the Triangle, being a thousand-seat (500 main, 250 first balcony, 250 second balcony) film and performance space in a theater built in the 1920s. (pictures of Todd Rundgren's suits OMG, and I found the person who makes his suits has an etsy page)

Friday: Rick and Christine's big wedding and costume party: the party began at 8, the ceremony started at 11:11 on 11-11-11. Nice elwire trim on the couple's outfits. Some very nice costumes, apparently including me.

Saturday: An arnis knife defense seminar in the afternoon. In the evening, [ profile] maegwynn, [ profile] melindadansky and [ profile] rdansky and [ profile] lunablack arranged for a nice dinner and a show, the show being Bombadil with the Future Kings of Nowhere and Jason Kutchma at the Cat's Cradle. I haven't been to the Cat's Cradle since the rebuild and reopening, and it was good to see [ profile] metricula out at the show as well. I ended up with a long-stemmed rose in the buttonhold of my jacket lapel, and in retrospect perhaps I should have trimmed the stem down from full-length. But the long stem kept the rose tucked against the corner of my jaw. Perhaps I'll start a trend. Also and more importantly, I have wonderful friends. Thank you.
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