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Brief because I didn't write these as the bands played: electrical issues on site meant there were no useful power outlets for the charger unless I wanted to sit next to and under the stage. It's been over a week and if I don't write something I won't, so here goes.

Labor Day weekend was the seventeenth annual ProgDay, a progressive rock festival held outside of Carrboro NC that is my annual answer to people asking me "Are you going to DragonCon?" No, I have a schedule conflict, have fun in Atlanta without me.

For a detailed and thoughtful review of the bands that I generally agree with, I suggest you go to

Being an outside event the weather is always a potential concern. This year it was hot and humid but not horribly so. More cloud cover and better breezes on Sunday.

The usual caterers were absent and a new food truck was an unannounced change in the event. Unfortunately the food truck opened late and closed early on Saturday, and as a result I went out between the first and second band breaks into town for food and water. I haven't done that for years. I'd like to see Bon's back for next year.

My favorites of the eight bands from the weekend: Fibonacci Sequence, The Rebel Wheel, Zevious, Persephone's Dream, Panzerballett. Great band selection this year. Excellent company and conversation between sets with [ profile] rdansky who made time to come for the last band on Saturday and then for almost all of Sunday.

I didn't make it out on Friday or Saturday night to either of the progday-related shows at Local 506.

As usual, I bought a lot of CDs, but more than usual. See, one of the dealers was having a sale, and a lot of these were at $2, and there were several Bernard Herrmann film scores I didn't have, and...whatever.

The small centered top stack was Sunday's, the two large stacks were Saturday.

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