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After the East Coast Game Conference and post-conference reception Wednesday, I stopped by the Colony to pick up my print from the one-night screening of Leon (The Professional) designed by James Rh33m Davis of Giant Sumo.

I've got to get some of these framed, they're doing me no good in the print and flatwork press. For more information (stop that, I'm not at work) see the print series for the Cinema Overdrive film screenings.

Thursday was the beginning of the Full Frame Film Festival which involved some last-minute work issues over the afternoon (thanks to wifi and laptops I was set.)

After Steps to Eternity and Test Site I went to get dinner, then stopped at a used bookstore, then realized I wasn't feeling particularly engaged with the subject of the film I had tickets for the 9:30 show of (Square Grouper, about the 1970s Florida marijuana-by-the-ton smugglers, plus it will have a release in some form I'll be able to see after the festival) so I headed home and caught up on paperwork.

Went to the Bull Spec #5 release party, was left off as an announcement because the event ran overly long, went back to Full Frame for the last feature of the evening, Cure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story. This one will end up in my collection.

Saturday after the Page One film I had to go home to check on the house given the storm and tornado and potential flash flood damage. We are fine, the house is undamaged, but I didn't know that before leaving the festival.

Consequently I didn't make it back to the 7pm double feature of Jazz Palace (hoarders) and Resurrect Dead (the Philadelphia Toynbee tiles mystery [2]). Stayed home until about 8pm, then headed to Chapel Hill for the Little Green Men art show at Wootini (closed) and the Bookshop (also closed) before the Acid Mothers Temple show at Local 506. I guess one out of three's not a complete disaster. The AMT show was amazing and I'm glad I made it out to it.
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