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First, the Firearm Blog this morning featured a clip from UNC-TV about the sound designers at Red Storm who work with GUNS and MICROPHONES. Excellent.

Now then, for the rest of the post:

The formerly-known-as the Triangle Games Conference now renamed as the East Coast Games Conference is Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Bookending the event are two items that I didn't see in time to include them in yesterday's weekly calendar update, and as one if this coming Tuesday it'll be over by next week's update.

On Tuesday evening in Raleigh, there's a conference kickoff social at Kings Barcade. Say hi to the Muppets while you're there.

On Friday evening in Carrboro, there is an art show at Wootini (link to Facebook event and scrape of the event page below:

Wootini Gallery Presents :: “Little Green Men”
Opening Reception :: Friday, April 15th, 7-11pm

Wootini Gallery is proud to present Little Green Men, a show
featuring artwork from current and former employees of North Carolina-based game development company, Red Storm. The guest curator, Andy Foltz, is a current employee of Red Storm and chose to include his co-workers because of the talent fostered and brewing at the gaming comp...any. The result is an exciting look into the minds of these game developers who have had a hand in creating some of todayʼs popular tactical shooter video games, including Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

Of the theme choice, Andy says, “The theme of little green army men seemed like a natural overlap of Red Storm's game franchises and the toy and pop culture interests Wootini represents. But the name "Little Green Men" also invites associations with aliens, Area 51, and top secret wartime research projects. So it started with the seed of military themed entertainment and toys and expanded into the wider universe.”

There will be a variety of media in the show. Paintings, silk screened and digitally printed posters, papercraft, sculptures and even a handmade board game are just some of the artwork you should expect to see in this exciting show.

Partial list of participating artists:
Richard Case (
Andy Foltz (
Travis Getz (
Randy Greenback
Keith Kadera
George Lamontagne (
Sebastien Lienard (
Rob Newns
Doug Oglesby
Steve Reid
David K. Rose (
Lee A. Williamson
Andrew Bosley (

Opening Reception :: April 15th, 7-11pm
Show Runs :: April 15 - May 15, 2011
Wootini Gallery, 101 Lloyd Street, Carrboro, NC

For more information, please contact Jess at or at the gallery at (919) 933-6061.
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