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[ profile] maegwynn and I went to a new sushi place on Glenwood South Sushi-O: quite good, with good variety. Will go back soon, although given Glenwood South it'll probably be mobbed on weekends.

I headed to All Day Records in Carrboro (a great place for obscurities that I highly recommend, especially if you love vinyl) to see a sludge doom metal band of two months' vintage named Pig Mountain from Charlotte. They were impressive, very heavy. Bought their CD. I think they're in Philadelphia tonight.

Next I headed all of five blocks to Nightlight in Chapel Hill for the roughly-monthly 919noise showcase event. There had apparently been some poor communication between the event organizer and the venue as the flyer said "free" and the doorguy said "$5". [ profile] aklikins, who has previously played a bodiless neck-only guitar (he and I were a Chapman Stick duo named Phasmatodea for a few years), went the other direction for his show and played an instrument of his own creation, being a neckless guitar body with the strings fastened off, additional loose strings, a total of I believe five pickups, and additional modifications.

Great set, he pulled a wide and interesting variety of sounds from the guitarkalimba - my name for it, not his.

After that, met friends back in Raleigh for cocktails. Then, finally, bed.

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