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Another compilation I contributed to is having a joint release party this Friday in Carrboro.

The website for the compilation is in progress and the Facebook event requires login, so I've copied the details of the event for those who might be interested.!/event.php?eid=163811750340250&index=1

Here's the event announcement information, including the other CDs.

Friday at 8:00pm to midnight

Nightsound Studio
116 Main St.
Carrboro, NC

Stop by on Friday Artwalk in Chapel Hill/Carrboro in April and join us in celebrating the new cd's being released by Blondena Music.

Powercloud (Scott Berrier, Mark Koyanagi) will be releasing their debut cd - how to recognize shrubs! Recorded live in Fearrington Village in December of 2010.

919 Noise will be releasing the 2nd compilation at long last! It features 15 tracks, all created or based on sounds generated from the Bl...ondena Music studio. The library was given out to willing participants who mangled, manipulated, chopped, and looped to create their pieces.

Andrew Weathers will be releasing a mini-cdr with 4 tracks of sonic mayhem.

Bicameral Mind (Bryce Eiman, Shaun Sandor) is back with 3 releases! The Holy Hills was recorded live at Studio 713 with guest musicians Lindsay Smith on bass clarinet, Andrew Weathers on percussion, and Will Franke on sitar. Birdsong was recorded live at Nightsound Studio with guest Lindsay Smith on bass clarinet. Sonic Circuits Live! was recorded live in Silver Springs, MD at the Pyramid Atlantic.


The cd release evening will feature 4 performances of improv duets. The musicians playing will be:

Ted Johnson of Studio 713
Jim Dennis of Music Loft of Carrboro
Vince Mecanikill of Mecanikill?
Andras Fekete of Burning Boat and Thee Dirty Beats
Mark Koyanagi of Powercloud
Brian John Mitchell of Remora
Scott Berrier of Powercloud
Andrew Weathers of Full Spectrum Records

The musicians won't know who they are playing with until the evening of the show, but they most likely will be performing with someone they have never performed with before, or possibly even met. Some great things to come!

Nightsound Studio is located directly behind Music Loft of Carrboro on Main Street. See you there.

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