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As Grampa said in The Lost Boys, One thing about living in Santa CarlaRTP I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.

Some of you may remember that just before Halloween last year I played as part of a trio we called Vamplifire providing live musical accompaniment to a screening of the 1922 film Nosferatu. This year we are returning to offer the performance again, and twice:

Friday 29 October, we return to Hillsborough NC to play at the Masonic Hall at 9pm.

On Sunday 31 October, Halloween proper, Vamplifire plays at the Carrboro Century Center at 7:30pm.

For both performances, Wendy Spitzer of Felix Obelix fame joins us, creating a quartet of piano (Peter Estep), tuba (David Morris), oboe (Wendy Spitzer), and theremin.

I will perform the theremin part of the Vamplifire score for Nosferatu only in Hillsborough. However, we have another excellent addition to the group this year: longtime Carrboro resident, musician, and thereminist Billy Sugarfix will play theremin for the quartet for the Carrboro show. I think this is a great idea: Billy's an excellent thereminist and will be great playing with the quartet.

Also on the 31st of October but earlier in the day, the Mallarme Players are hosting a screening of Nosferatu at the Carolina Theatre in Durham at 3pm and providing live musical accompaniment.

Also also on the 31st of October, Duke University will screen Nosferatu at 3pm at the Duke University Chapel, with visiting British organist Roger Brett providing live accompaniment to that screening on the "newly restored Aeolian pipe organ" in the Chapel.

So, to summarize:

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That's a lotta vampire for one night. In related news, my other sets of fangs are in. ^^

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