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Monday through Sunday extras, including more on Swedish vampires, Britpop magicians, mental modeling, leaky houses, horrible singalongs, and awesome brunch. seven days..... )
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Went to UNC campus this afternoon for two hours of lecture and q&a with Paul Miller, better known as DJ Spooky. picture, lecture notes )
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Look west at sunset and observe the alignment of Yorkhenge. Worth a UA minor charge, at least.

(Followup from last year's late mention of the phenomenon.)
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see tags for topics )
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How closely one could emulate portions or scenes from Sin City using Sim City?
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(Took the day off to take care of errands and show prep.) So, in addition to all the items today through the weekend previously listed, there's more:
more, more, more )
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I've never met coffee that wasn't wonderful. It was just a question of how wonderful it was. - LKHamilton, before her writing fell off a cliff

Sleeping constantly to get over illness involves suddenly stopping drinking coffee, for me at least. Now then, this is much better.

As for Paris, it's your brain writ large and in bricks: from mindhacks )
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After the musical meditation performance Thursday evening, I headed downtown and took two pictures in the downtown area using the thirty second exposure setting:

a crane, and the moon )
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Wednesday night I detached M from her beading efforts for the evening, and we went to the Nasher in Durham for a preview of the new exhibit Street Level [1]. I went partly for the new exhibit and the meet the artists bit, partly to see the other new exhibit this month, partly to show M the space and the Permanent Collections section, and partly to hear what the space sounds like with music in it by listening to the DJ and the PA they brought. (Note: I'm not bringing that large a PA for the space for my upcoming show there in April, but I don't think I need to.) Listened to the echoes of the space and how to work with the echoes in that room. It's a great space, weirdly shaped with interesting echoes. Hmm. Wonder if I can make/find a big Leslie cabinet or rotating speaker rig by then? Probably not. Hmm.

Not overwhelmed with the other new exhibit, but the Street Level exhibit is great. We especially liked the "performance documentation" photograph series of Robin Rhode.

Afterward I stopped by WXDU to say hi to [ profile] jason0x21 for a few minutes while he was on air, as we had taken longer at the reception than anticipated and I didn't have time to stay. I picked up a recommendation for a brilliant jazz album I'd missed a review of, so that was great.

[1] The official reception and exhibition opening for the Street Level exhibit is tonight at 6. Cash bar, heavy snacks.

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