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30 June (Saturday) - Subscape Annex with Morgan Evans-Weiler, Remora, Joe Hendrix - Nightlight - Facebook event for the show - doors at 9pm, music at 9:30pm, $5 cover

I am currently planning to perform on arachnobass with effects of rarity.
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I've been invited back to Maker Faire North Carolina this year, this Saturday June 16. The location is the Kerr Scott building at the NC State Fairgrounds, 1025 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raleigh NC 27607. I'm playing from 11:40am to about 12:20pm. Music begins at 10am and I'm the third of seven performances. The full schedule is:

1000 - robotic LEGO band - LEGO Mindstorms rock band
1050 - small life form
1140 - subscape annex
1230 - powercloud
1320 - ann feld
1410 - bryce eiman
1500 - joe hendrix

Information, descriptions, and links for the other performances are at
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May 5th I saw Acid Mothers Temple with Phantom Family Halo and Clang Quartet at Local 506 in Chapel Hill. I've seen AMT several times and enjoyed them every show. AMT plays extremely heavy, complex, instrumental psychedelic rock. Great stuff. Phantom Family Halo kept giving me mental echoes of the Doors, were excellent and I'll gladly see them again. Clang Quartet, my friend Scotty played his usual intense noise set.

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Saw Man of La Mancha last night at Burning Coal: an almost bare set, modern casual wear as costumes making the cast look like the audience, and all the spectacle came from the performances. Some odd mental echoes that were almost certainly just me. Worth seeing.

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Left work and headed to Durham to get dinner by myself before a show. Arrived at restaurant, opened satchel...and had no books with me to read. Oh, the shame. Made do with the excellent meal, and for entertainment peoplewatching, primarily the unintentional floor show of this horrifically pompous fellow one table over who from his condescending monologues at his dinner companion was probably the kind of guy who stopped drinking merlot after Paul Giamatti's meltdown in _Sideways_. Food was excellent, though.

The rest of the evening was nicer after meeting up with [ profile] andyhat at Duke for the touring-from-New York Fiasco Theater's staging of Cymbeline. I've read the play only once a very very long time ago, and know the Pink Floyd song much better than the play, so I was looking forward to new to me. Nicely done staging, [ profile] andyhat mentioned some abridgement points he noticed: in particular he wondered how one actor playing two specific parts would handle a situation where both characters were onstage at the same time and the production handled it quite simply by not doing that small bit. Enjoyable show.

Fiasco Theater is at Duke for two weeks in residence and is doing a staged reading of Measure For Measure that weekend I'd like to attend if scheduling permits.

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Tonight [ profile] maegwynn and I went to the opening night of the Raleigh run of the broadway musical Green Day's American Idiot. Runs tomorrow through Sunday locally and elsewhere in the US afterward. If you even vaguely like the album, or the kind of music of the album, you may like this. Overall, elements of the show's staging brought to mind Julie Taymor's film Across the Universe.

Preshow dinner was a food truck rodeo in the park out front, chose and liked ChirbaChirba Dumplings over the other options. We admired the work of an artist painting the above picture over dinner.

We had excellent seats: two left of centerline, front row of the pit, which played in nicely as one of the female leads gave [ profile] maegwynn her guitar pick after the final number of the show as everyone left the stage.

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18 January - Chapel Hill - 919noise Showcase night, with Subscape Annex, Derek Poteat (ex-Ahleuchatistas), David Menestres, and Xopher Thurston - Nightlight - event flyer - Facebook event - doors 9pm, show 9:30pm, $5 cover

Last Wednesday's show, thanks to everyone who came. pictures, gear list )
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On Friday [ profile] maegwynn and I went back to see Henry V (on trapeze) at Burning Coal Theatre Company (a nice surprise to run into [ profile] ovrclokd and [ profile] thebroomecloset at the show, too). [ profile] maegwynn rarely wants to see a show of any kind twice and her wanting to see the production again indicates how much she enjoyed the first time. Last show of the three-week run is this afternoon at 2pm.


...and on a different note, the people who brought a live musical adaptation of Labyrinth last year to the Nightlight in Chapel Hill are staging a live musical adaptation of The Big Lebowski this weekend. Doors at 7pm, show begins at 8pm, two intermissions, and a "Mid-Century Modern Dance Party" of 1950s and 1960s music after. $12 tickets. The Nightlight's bar is well-stocked with White Russians, too.
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[ profile] maegwynn and I went to see Henry V (on trapeze) at Burning Coal Theatre Company tonight. It was awesome. Yes, it's mostly on trapeze. No, it's not a gimmick: the trapeze work is integrated into the performance as three-dimensional blocking, and adds an interesting almost film-like quality to the performance. They had me from the moment they conjured a throne from trapeze bars for Henry. Solid performances. Loads of fun. Go see. Shows Sunday, and ends next weekend after its Thursday to Sunday run.

Trailer for the performance on youtube here:

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Signal Fest, the Southeast Electronic Music Festival, has invited me back to play again this year. details and links )
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I'm playing as Subscape Annex Saturday morning at Maker Faire: NC at the NC Fairgrounds in Raleigh from 10:50am to 11:30am. Here's the complete music schedule for tomorrow. More theremin, less cowbell.
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Firstly, the event continues tonight with another huge list of performers beginning at 7pm and continuing to 2am. With 15min slots, it's the musical equivalent of North Carolina weather - don't like current conditions, wait a little and it'll change. about last night )
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Nightlight, Chapel Hill, 7pm sharp. My set is at 7:30pm sharp. $10 for either day, $15 for both nights. many many bands )

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