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We saw Snowpiercer´╗┐ Friday night at the Rialto - medieval great chain of being laid out on a train holding all of humanity left after a global warming cure goes disastrously wrong. An unrecognizable Chris Evans with John Hurt leads a peoples' revolt against Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris. French graphic novel adapted by the director of The Host (one of the best Godzilla-esque movies of recent years) and the unsettlingly disturbing Mother. Some great performances, several very cool fight scenes, lots of class inequality and dystopia reminiscent of The Hunger Games and Bioshock Infinite but more much reminiscent of Rollerball in pacing, sequencing, and tone. Recommended.

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Rollerball in years, and I just got the recent and fantastic Blu-Ray transfer recently. Should watch it.
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Saw Silver Linings Playbook with [ profile] maegwynn at the Rialto a couple of weeks ago. The last few times I've seen DeNiro I've been unimpressed and so I was skeptical of what I'd heard of his supporting lead performance here. I was wrong, he's as good as he ever was. Bradley Cooper does well, and Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I think Chris Tucker's character is probably a bit less obtrusive in the novel, though: in the film his appearances and disappearances seemed a bit abrupt. Solid acting all the way around. Definitely worth seeing.

Quartet - Reminds me I never saw The Last Quartet from a couple of months ago.
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Went to the Rialto tonight for The Master. Great performances by Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams. Great unreliable narrator. I liked the atonal score by Terry Greenwood and liked the film in general. [ profile] maegwynn disliked the movie, never getting into it but liking the performances. Hard to recommend.
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Went to the Rialto to see Safety Not Guaranteed, an indie film (director's previous film was Little Miss Sunshine) about a perpetually unhappy young woman interning at a magazine in Seattle who gets assigned to a story about a want ad looking for a partner for time travel. Is the person who placed the ad a dangerous crazy person, or simply a crazy person? [ profile] maegwynn said it reminded her of Scott Pilgrim (minus the superheroics) and Juno in overall tone. Fun little film. Strong story, well-acted.
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A film based on one of John LeCarre's classic Cold War espionage novels, directed by the director of Let The Right One In, and with a truly stunning cast? My expectations were so high going in I could only be disappointed. I was, however, not disappointed in any way.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a delicate and finely crafted film that condenses a lengthy and complex novel into only a full-length movie with superb performances throughout. Pay attention or you might miss something important. I think it's an excellent film.

Locally, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy opened yesterday at the Rialto in Raleigh (moves to the Colony Theater on 20 Jan), and also at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. There: I mentioned my three favorite places in RTP to see films in a single sentence.

trailer: Contraband - Mark Wahlberg is blackmailed into smuggling four shipping pallets full of money.

Other film news: The Artist opens 20 January at the Rialto. A Dangerous Method opens 20 January at the Colony. I am looking forward to both.
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Character-driven mid-20th century historical, excellent, deserves all the awards it's won and will win. comments and trailers )
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Intense and well-done with only minor nitpicks as both a suspenseful action flick and a character study, I describe The Hurt Locker as "Apocalypse Now with sand". Recommended. I will almost certainly see this again before it leaves the theatres.
No spoilers )
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Mafia without charm )
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This should catch up with theatric screenings over the last week. Last week [ profile] maegwynn and I went to see Milk at the Rialto and then Slumdog Millionaire at the Colony. See both. your whole life is leading up to this )

Oh, no daily scorpion today as I did not take a picture worth posting. Tomorrow hopefully.
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In the interests of not overly cluttering LJ friends lists, three film screenings in a single post: Clue, Burn After Reading, and The Duchess )

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