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Tonight's film at Retrofantasma: The Phantom of the Paradise, a 1974 rock opera adaptation of Faust starring Paul Williams as a Mephistophelean hobbit music producer, and Jessica Harper. Second time I've seen it on the big screen: the first was in mid-2011 at Cinema Overdrive. Much fun. Now to continue the current novel, Clive Barker's The Damnation Game. Last week was Orpheus, this week it's Faust. It's a theme.
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Again, to be added to the calendar listings next week, but here you go... show listings )
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Tonight's movie either had a blown center channel speaker or was a filthy print: given the picture was in excellent shape and only the center channel produced horrible crackling static whenever sound was directed to it (the rest of the system sounded fine) I suspect mechanical issues. The cellophane-crackling static every time someone on film spoke was bad enough it gave me a headache. Luckily the Piedmont has a fine headache cure called a Sazerac.
(A friend who stayed reported to me afterward that the second film of the double bill manifested the same crackling noise in the center channel, indicating a hardware problem or possibly operator error - perhaps the projectionist is new?)
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Italian 70s slashers, arid arthouse, a very funny movie about zombies, and a revenge action drama. With upcoming film trailer commentaries and a special "rudest movie patron of the month" report.
Pieces, The Limits of Control, Zombieland, Law Abiding Citizen )
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With mention of Nevermore and a special Retro both in February, and REPO! The Genetic Opera starting tomorrow. With scent. yes, really. )
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Muppets, savage music, the shining, axes, and bookquakes. Thursday through Sunday )

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