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Apr. 21st, 2014 07:37 pm
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My to-read stacks are now (counts) at 223 (106,17,64,36). To decide which to read next I was going to roll percentile and flip a coin with heads adding 100 to the percentile value, but that doesn't cover the size of the problem. So revised is roll percentile and 1d6 with 1,2=+0;3,4=+100;5,6=+200, reroll if result >224.
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"The commonplace book was an indispensable tool for the Renaissance reader: here quotations from various sources could be collected and arranged according to some structural system (or, in many cases, without such an organizational system) so that they could be retrieved and used at some later point. Commonplacing was a ubiquitous practice..."
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Today I have bought two medium and two large bookcases, assembled two medium and one large bookcases (the second large bookcase is being shipped), and moved forty linear shelf-yards of books around. I have expansion space for some sections of the library that were previously overly stuffed, while other shelves are no longer double-layered. Progress has been made.

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May. 28th, 2013 09:29 pm
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Today, two new books by local friends: Vaporware by [ profile] rdansky and The Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty.

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(title from The Magicians and Mrs. Quent, p.56. Great line.)

to-read stacks: HBN 74 + HBF 61 + PB 19 + FB/O 28 = 182. I really need to focus.
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An entire book in 10pt single-spaced Blackletter/Fraktur/some variant thereof? Seriously?
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Poor media consumption decisions, part 1: when antisocial and disconnected, watching a David Cronenberg film adaptation of a Don Delillo novel (Cosmopolis). Not a bad film, but not probably not a good idea at the time.

Poor media consumption decisions, part 2: when actually feverish, reading a) Grant Morrison's comics (in this case, the Absolute edition of his Batman & Robin / Batman Reborn run), or b) any fruitbat conspiracy theory book. They both make much more sense that way.
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(counting new arrival today)
Managed to make surprisingly little of a dent in the stacks over holiday break.
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When reading or rereading Cold War-era espionage novels, archived recordings of numbers stations are great background music. At least for me they are.
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If this doesn't qualify as a bibliomancy major charge in Unknown Armies, I don't know what would.

"Lord Byron’s copy of Frankenstein, autographed by Mary Shelley, will soon be auctioned by Peter Harrington."

(Seen on File 770 )
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Or at least the entire Invisibles run, all 1536 pages, in a single hardcover volume is pretty heavy.
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Yesterday I killed an insect with a KJ Parker book because it's what I had to hand. Just now I killed a different kind of insect with a different KJP for the same reason.

a) Both books served as excellent weapons.
b) Haven't noticed a bug problem recently other than these two incidents so not a general infestation, plus two different species.
c) The books themselves have been in the house for months if not a year or more each and the library isn't a hive of anything, even hellstroms, so they're not pheromonic or otherwise attractants in and of themselves. And these are rereads with no prior invasion so my physical proximity to the books in question or the act of reading them isn't the issue. It's just odd.
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While reading KJ Parker I heard a noise and looked up to see a wasp on the inside of the window next to me, and killed the wasp with the book because it's what I had in my hand. The combination of brutality and utility there feels somehow apropos.
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A newly-arrived book smells of licorice/anise/absinthe. Weird. What printers' ink smells like licorice?
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Peculiar crimes and excellent sense-of-place horror.

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