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This should catch up with theatric screenings over the last week. Last week [ profile] maegwynn and I went to see Milk at the Rialto and then Slumdog Millionaire at the Colony. See both. your whole life is leading up to this )

Oh, no daily scorpion today as I did not take a picture worth posting. Tomorrow hopefully.
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Muppets, savage music, the shining, axes, and bookquakes. Thursday through Sunday )
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Monday through Sunday extras, including more on Swedish vampires, Britpop magicians, mental modeling, leaky houses, horrible singalongs, and awesome brunch. seven days..... )
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Serenity )
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In the interests of not overly cluttering LJ friends lists, three film screenings in a single post: Clue, Burn After Reading, and The Duchess )
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In which I begin with Ash and rapidly segue into a Burn Notice-inspired reverie. Swallowing your soul since 1987: WWMWD? )


Sep. 11th, 2008 01:23 am
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movies, books, readings, shows )
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Tuesday night [ profile] maegwynn and I went to the Rialto to see The Last Mistress, a film that answers the question What would Dangerous Liasons look like if directed by Peter Greenaway? weakness and vanity )
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Ehhh. This film doesn't just trowel on the sarcasm and political symbolism, it uses a combat bulldozer with backhoe assembly.
a funny thing happened on the way to the berkeley.... )
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who are you really? )
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Thursday night after going to the ISSA meeting (nice talk on securing a virtualized environment) I went to Mission Valley and see The Incredible Hulk. Nice to see *another* comics adaptation that does not suck (we will not speak of _Ghost Rider_). HULK SMASH! )
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You don't really own anything you can't carry on your back at a dead run - Daniel Keys Moran

Saw Mongol tonight, in which Genghis Khan grows as a child, through slavery, and...well it's like _Titanic_ or any other film version of a major historical event or person: you know how it ends. Summary: _Braveheart_, or maybe _Conan_ with lots of horses and Tuvan khoomei throat-singing. Local: through Thursday at Rialto, next week at Colony. I'm happily willing to see this again.*lots* of horses )
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Monday night I went to the Colony with [ profile] andyhat to see Roman de Gare. This film has enough twists and contrivances that I find it difficult to discuss it without giving away major plot points - in my opinion sometimes "it's the journey, not the destination" when applied to narratives is not completely true. So this film involves a murder, a serial killer who uses magic tricks, the craft and profession of writing, and boats. Along the way there is a slaughtered pig, a loudly faked orgasm, a farce, class collision, and wine. Hard to talk of this film without spoilers, meaning there are twists. Very meta story within a story kind of stuff, much clever fun.
paging David Mamet to the white courtesy phone.... )
Probably back to the Colony tonight for the 9:15 show of the French spy farce _OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies!_ if nothing else arises. Ping if interested.

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