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Went back to the Rialto Friday night with [ profile] base10 and [ profile] f_4_t to see No Country For Old Men again. spoilers )
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Monday night I went to Mission Valley to see Hitman. low expectations, but pleasantly met )
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titus andronicus in westchester )
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Excellent and innovative, possibly the Coen Brothers' best film, although probably not going to be their most-liked film. no spoilers )
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flippancy and Serbia? ummm, right.... )
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M went to the knitting guild tonight, so I went to Mission Valley to see The Kingdom. Ehh. serial bomber in the Middle East )
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M and I went to the Rialto Saturday afternoon to see Becoming Jane, a period film with Anne Hathaway playing a fictionalized teenage Jane Austen. Clever, arch, a bit slow and predictable but not enough to matter, a nice period film. Nice supporting roles by James Cromwell and Maggie Smith. card and trailers )
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Went to the Rialto Monday night with [ profile] andyhat to see Sunshine. Gorgeously shot SF horror film by the director of _Trainspotting_ and _28 Days Later_. Eerie, nicely done, references to a ton of SF films. I agree with this spoiler-laden review of the unnecessary plot twist, but on the other hand it allowed Boyle to reference even more films.

One of the things I did like about Sunshine was how few infodumps or "as you know, Bob" moments there are: it is not important to the story what kind of engines the ship uses, or the nature of the payload, and so Boyle simply never bothers mentioning such things. Nice performance by Cillian Murphy, among others.

Interesting how dark the film is shot, to accentuate the solar flares when they appear. Sort of like I forget that The Road Warrior/Mad Max II, while set in a desert under a pitiless sun, just how much of that film is set at night and how dark it is for much of the film.

Quiz: What space-based SF film used a "not enough suits to make an airlock transfer" scene? I can't remember which film that was used in.

references and comments, some spoilers )
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I went back to see Live Free or Die Hard Tuesday night because [ profile] jason0x21 and [ profile] dollraves decided to, and my pass works for the film this week. Fun once, fun a second time, and we mutally agreed that Penny Arcade is greatly exaggerating.

comments )
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Tuesday evening I went to Mission Valley to see the last show of 1408 before it flees the juggernaut that is the Harry Potter franchise. Summary: For a mainstream horror film, not bad at all. Actually quite good.

What is at 45th & Lexington in Manhattan anyway? )

On my way out of the theatre at 11:25pm, the line for the midnight show of the fifth Harry Potter film extended through the lobby and out the walkway onto the street. If they didn't sell out tonight it's a near thing. Lots of people in costume.
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Wednesday evening I went to the Colony to see La Vie En Rose, a biography of Edith Piaf. Astonishing lead performance, wonderful heartbreaking music, slightly off direction as the only minor complaint, one of the most sentimental and most depressing films I have seen in a long time.

Card: High Priestess reversed.


* Once
* Paprika
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Wednesday night I took M to the Colony tonight to see the thousand-year war between goths and hippiesThe Dark Crystal. GO SKEKSES! Oh wait, sorry.... )
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Went to the Colony Tuesday night to see Mafioso. A recently restored set of prints (as in, 3 or 4 prints total) of this early 1960s Italian film have been making their way around the country. Great film score. Starts as a comedy, ends as a drama. Worth seeing for the camerawork of Sicily in 1962 alone.

(Local note: stays at the Colony for next week only, go before 28 June).

Card: Nine of Swords.
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Saturday night M and I went to the Rialto to see Waitress, about an unhappily married waitress who makes the most marvelous pies. It's her coping strategy: she designs pies inspired by everything and anything. (Some of them seemed good.) Stars Keri Russell as the titular pie-making waitress, Nathan Fillion as CaptainDr. Mal Reynolds OB-GYN, and Andy Griffith as Andy Rooney in this weird southern US quirky romcom mix of The Good Girl and Edward Scissorhands.

Card: Empress reversed.

Trailer: Evening.
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M and I went to the Colony tonight to see Easy Rider. No, neither of us had ever seen it before. No, I can't believe it either.

remarks and the rest of the Colony's monthly special films list here )
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After another long day, I managed to get out early enough to get a sandwich and still make a 9:30 showtime, made it to the Rialto to see Black Book. life during wartime [1] )
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Saturday night M and I went to see Hot Fuzz. Big dumb fun. Basic setup: the pair who did _Shaun of the Dead_ made a new film. Basic setup: super/earnest cop Nick Angel [1] is sent to rural England where nothing. Ever. Happens.

Sort of the _League of Gentlemen_ crossed with _Bad Boys II_ and filtered through _Shaun of the Dead_. Film references to _Bad Boys II_, _Point Break_, _Terminator II_, _The Wicker Man_, _Scream_, several John Woo films (including the pigeons), _Last Action Hero_, _Natural Born Killers_ [2], and one notable episode of the X-Files that if I identify it I'll give things away. Big dumb fun. Go see.

Nice film score by David Arnold of BondJamesBond film score fame.

[1] Played by Simon Pegg. Nicholas Angel [3] has Badge # 777, which depending on which numerological interpretation you like is often ascribed to God, Jesus, or similar. Wikipedia cites the 777=God interpretation being used in a Pixies song.
[2] Can you actually *parody* _Natural Born Killers_? I mean, really?
[3] Highly amusing to note "Nick Angel" in the credits as "music supervisor".

Card: Hermit.

* Black Book - Opened at the Rialto Friday, I want to see this WWII film soon.

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