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[ profile] maegwynn and I saw The Perks of being a Wallflower at the Colony last night. We both enjoyed it.

I have almost every song on this movie's soundtrack. Morrissey, the Smiths, David Bowie, the Cure, the list goes on. (I had to check to confirm that I don't own any Air Supply.) Strongly recommended.
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Saw Sound of My Voice Friday afternoon at the Colony. A low-budget indie film about a couple who are self-appointed investigative journalists making a documentary about infiltrating a cult whose leader says she's from the future. Disturbing and uncomfortable, mostly for cult mind games, manipulation, and control. This is a movie almost no one I know will see: if you're local, get to the Colony and see it so we can talk about it.


* Darling Companion - Long-married couple uses a stray dog to communicate over and re-bond. At least that's what I think happens from the trailer.

* Bernie - Dark comedy "based on a true story", funeral director gets involved with a horrible woman, and eventually decides he's made a mistake.

* Moonrise Kingdom - Looks like Wes Anderson filming the summer camp sequence in Addams Family Values.

* Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Plot looks ehh. Cast looks amazing. Probably go see.
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Saw Jiro Dreams of Sushi tonight at the Colony. I don't tend to eat sushi and watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi made me hungry even though I had dinner (at Hayashi-Ya, [ profile] maegwynn's current favorite RTP-area sushi restaurant) before and a cookie during. Yay foodporn. Most of the film score is Philip Glass, so if you like that it's great and if you don't, well, look at the gorgeous sushi. This is a documentary made about Jiro, an 85-year-old sushi chef, his tiny restaurant which is booked a month in advance and serves only sushi: no drinks, no appetizers, no desserts. Only sushi. A three-star Michelin rating for a hole-in-the-wall place in a subway.

As for the people involved that is not a terribly happy story )


* Footnote - A well-respected Talmudic scholar is awarded a prize, but his father, another Talmudic scholar who has been ignored, is informed by mistake that he will be receiving the award. I plan to see this as soon as I can. The poster is excellent.

* The Deep Blue Sea - Drama, British, about 1950.
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Saw Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of Shakespeare's play Coriolanus at the Colony. A modern-day adaptation filmed in Serbia with Fiennes in the title role and Gerard Butler as his principal antagonist, the combination of archaic speech and modern-day military reminded me more of the sadly-defunct television show Kings than anything else, and casting Brian Cox in the film only accentuated that resonance.

mild remarks but not spoilers (and is Shakespeare grandfathered in as immune to spoilers? It's been centuries, after all). )

Recommended as very good but not great.

Encountered this morning: Shakespeare Visualized, with this image in the post

trailer: Kid With a Bike
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A film based on one of John LeCarre's classic Cold War espionage novels, directed by the director of Let The Right One In, and with a truly stunning cast? My expectations were so high going in I could only be disappointed. I was, however, not disappointed in any way.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a delicate and finely crafted film that condenses a lengthy and complex novel into only a full-length movie with superb performances throughout. Pay attention or you might miss something important. I think it's an excellent film.

Locally, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy opened yesterday at the Rialto in Raleigh (moves to the Colony Theater on 20 Jan), and also at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. There: I mentioned my three favorite places in RTP to see films in a single sentence.

trailer: Contraband - Mark Wahlberg is blackmailed into smuggling four shipping pallets full of money.

Other film news: The Artist opens 20 January at the Rialto. A Dangerous Method opens 20 January at the Colony. I am looking forward to both.
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[ profile] maegwynn and I went to Mission Valley Cinema to see Immortals. (Read Jake Stratton-Kent's Geosophia over the last couple of days as most relevant on the to-read stacks.)

As the director Tarsem's last film The Fall is one of my personal favorites I had high expectations. In that comparison I was disappointed, but Tarsem's ability to find striking visuals held my interest and I did enjoy the film as Immortals is a gorgeous, gorgeous film with some nicely-done bits: unlike the last Greek myth film with the misleading title, in Immortals Titans do clash.

Henry Cavill is good as hero Theseus, very Captain America earnest and straightforward, John Hurt has never disappointed me, and Mickey Rourke uses this gelid gravel-filtered-through-sludge voice of flat affect menace that works just fine. Good film score. Liked the Minotaur. Liked the Rubiks Cube of Titans. Liked the Titans' behavior patterns. Liked Zeus. Liked Stephen Dorff.


* Sherlock Holmes 2 -Moriarity takes center stage, superweapons and terror plots. December.
* The Avengers - Tony Stark gets the best lines. May 2012.
* Act of Valor - US Navy SEALs. Played by real SEALs. 17 Feb 2012.
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Saw Take Shelter tonight at the Colony in north Raleigh. Billed as a serious drama, I think it would also potentially be appreciated by horror film fans of the more subtle style of horror film. Strong performances, at least two including the lead, currently in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. I am happy with over 99% of the film and the remaining less than 1% I consider might have improved the film if left out, at least for me. The objectional to me piece is brief but memorable. That said, still worth watching. Sparse and laconic camerawork, nicely done.

trailer: The Skin I Live In - new Almodovar. Hmm.
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Saw Attack the Block Thursday night at the Colony Theatre. A street gang living in a monolithic British public housing development defends The Block against an invasion of alien monsters. People involved also involved in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, Attack the Block felt like a combination of Pitch Black, the 1950s Invaders From Mars, The Goonies, and The Warriors. Felt a lot like Shaun of the Dead, which is good in my opinion. Recommended as an intelligent funny low-budget sci-fi B-movie. Favorite quote: "Too much madness to explain in one text!"

trailers )
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Spent Sunday at the movies: seeing The Debt at Six Forks Station Cinema and Colombiana at Mission Valley Cinema. The first is an intelligent and introspective espionage thriller that requires attention, and the second is action fluff with lots of gunfire and explosions. more, no spoilers )
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[ profile] maegwynn and I saw Trollhunter at the Rialto Friday night. A Norweigan found footage (Cloverfield/Blair Witch) movie about film students following an unlicensed bear poacher in Norway, it's a lot of fun. Recommended.

Note: The film is running locally only at the Rialto, and only at 9:15pm, and ends Thursday.
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A trifle slow in the beginning, but once it gets going it's ten thousand katanas. I could easily see it again. Recommended. Already pre-ordered the DVD. More comments within, no spoilers beyond basic plot setup as shown in the trailer. more within )
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Character-driven mid-20th century historical, excellent, deserves all the awards it's won and will win. comments and trailers )
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Monday night I went to the Colony Theatre to see Black Swan in which two dancers in a New York City ballet company compete for the Swan Queen role in a modern production of Swan Lake. Most reviews are describing the film as erotic psychological horror, and I can accept that: I think of Black Swan as a Dario Argento-like giallo horror film for the arthouse cinema: visually stunning, either psychological or supernatural horror with meticulous attention to detail and style, and a decent budget. Recommended, but with cautions for disturbing themes and images.

minor spoilers )
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Went to the Colony Thursday evening for a double feature of Micmacs and Harry Brown. One oddly happy, the other not so much, both recommended. arms dealers and retirement communities )
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Ok action flick with historical trappings. Not the Robin Hood I remember, from anywhere, and not a successful reinvention of the story for me. Minor spoilers, only minor.
redacted as what was here wasn't minor )

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