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So the Colony Theater has been running the James Bond films on the last Thursday of the month, and the series has worked its way up to Pierce Brosnan's debut as Bond James Bond in Goldeneye. Also notable in this film is Judi Dench's debut as M. You, or at least I, don't see Bond films for their believability, and this one is way up in the "oh, come ON" scales, hasn't aged particularly well. But Brosnan didn't make a bad Bond in my opinion, Dench establishing herself as M is nice, I'll watch Sean Bean in almost anything and seem to have done so already, and Robbie Coltrane has a small funny scene while Alan Cumming eats the scenery throughout. Didn't actually realize that was Minnie Driver until I looked at the credits. Eric Serra's score sounds very close to his score for La Femme Nikita, which resonance isn't reduced by Tcheky Karyo's presence in a small role.

January's last Thursday: Tomorrow Never Dies.


* The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

* Anaconda
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Went to the Colony Theatre for the winter screening of Serenity - well-attended, saw people I didn't expect to, and had a nice evening. Having seen the film more than once, I spent about half of the film with my eyes closed separating the audio to the different speakers: where the surround noises went and so on. Nice evening.

The above image is of the print for tonight's screening by Iron Jaiden, whose website Kingdom of Nonsense (other link) is worth visiting for his other print work: I have his poster for the Cinema Overdrive screening of the alien horror flick The Visitor.
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Have you ever been arrested before? - Robert Cecil
I'm a writer. Of course I've been arrested before. - Ben Jonson

[ profile] maegwynn and I went to see Anonymous last night at the Carolina Theatre. An Elizabethan England period piece alleging Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford wrote Shakespeare's plays (as well as other alternate history variants I don't remember from history classes). We found it nice to look at if a little choppy due to timejumps, but didn't happen to modify our thoughts as to the authorship question partly due to my reaction to the fictional elements: if you're trying to change my mind on a matter of history, have less fiction in your expose of history.

Fletcher Hall, the thousand-seat performance and screening space in the 1920s Carolina Theatre, is one of my favorite places in the area to see a film, so that was nice.

Good performances by Rhys Ifans, Vanessa Redgrave, and the central cast. I thought Kit Marlowe was a little too villainous in that he was made to look like a competent and dangerous Blackadder. Bookending intro and outro monologues for the film provided by Derek Jacobi.


* The Descendants - George Clooney as an estranged father pulled back into his family by a crisis. Billed as by the people who did Sideways and About Schmidt. Probably skipping.
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[ profile] maegwynn and I went to Mission Valley Cinema to see Immortals. (Read Jake Stratton-Kent's Geosophia over the last couple of days as most relevant on the to-read stacks.)

As the director Tarsem's last film The Fall is one of my personal favorites I had high expectations. In that comparison I was disappointed, but Tarsem's ability to find striking visuals held my interest and I did enjoy the film as Immortals is a gorgeous, gorgeous film with some nicely-done bits: unlike the last Greek myth film with the misleading title, in Immortals Titans do clash.

Henry Cavill is good as hero Theseus, very Captain America earnest and straightforward, John Hurt has never disappointed me, and Mickey Rourke uses this gelid gravel-filtered-through-sludge voice of flat affect menace that works just fine. Good film score. Liked the Minotaur. Liked the Rubiks Cube of Titans. Liked the Titans' behavior patterns. Liked Zeus. Liked Stephen Dorff.


* Sherlock Holmes 2 -Moriarity takes center stage, superweapons and terror plots. December.
* The Avengers - Tony Stark gets the best lines. May 2012.
* Act of Valor - US Navy SEALs. Played by real SEALs. 17 Feb 2012.
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Went to the Carolina Theatre tonight to see The Man Who Fell To Earth, the 1976 film adapted from the Walter Tevis novel. I've seen the film before, but the lure of a fresh-struck studio print was too strong to resist, and as the soundtrack was never released it was nice to hear again. (There was a lot of clipping and distortion, which I'll tentatively blame on issues with the print until I see another film in Cinema Two to determine if the I-thought-they-renovated-the-sound-system-with-the-rest-of-the-venue was to blame. The video quality of the print was perfect, it's pristine and excellent.)

Liked the Auden reference early on of the poem something amazing, a boy falling out of the sky, and noted the titular character's multiple television watching as a possible precursor to Ozymandias in Alan Moore's Watchmen.


* The Skin I Live In - Almodovar. Not a big fan of his work, but after reading Robin D Law's blogpost about the film being steeped in the horror tradition this morning I am now more interested in seeing it.
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Saw Take Shelter tonight at the Colony in north Raleigh. Billed as a serious drama, I think it would also potentially be appreciated by horror film fans of the more subtle style of horror film. Strong performances, at least two including the lead, currently in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. I am happy with over 99% of the film and the remaining less than 1% I consider might have improved the film if left out, at least for me. The objectional to me piece is brief but memorable. That said, still worth watching. Sparse and laconic camerawork, nicely done.

trailer: The Skin I Live In - new Almodovar. Hmm.
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The best 70-80s noir Michael Mann never filmed, Drive is a Jim Thompson-esque crime movie set in LA. My love of the Miami Vice television show [1] and my recent evenings spent playing Ubisoft's new game Driver: San Francisco [2] served me well to set the mood for seeing this film. Like noir? See this. comments, very minor spoilers, trailers )
Incidentally, when did Brier Creek hit $10/ticket? Ouch.
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Saw Attack the Block Thursday night at the Colony Theatre. A street gang living in a monolithic British public housing development defends The Block against an invasion of alien monsters. People involved also involved in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, Attack the Block felt like a combination of Pitch Black, the 1950s Invaders From Mars, The Goonies, and The Warriors. Felt a lot like Shaun of the Dead, which is good in my opinion. Recommended as an intelligent funny low-budget sci-fi B-movie. Favorite quote: "Too much madness to explain in one text!"

trailers )
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Spent Sunday at the movies: seeing The Debt at Six Forks Station Cinema and Colombiana at Mission Valley Cinema. The first is an intelligent and introspective espionage thriller that requires attention, and the second is action fluff with lots of gunfire and explosions. more, no spoilers )
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Opens today at the Colony. I am so there. )
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[ profile] maegwynn and I saw Trollhunter at the Rialto Friday night. A Norweigan found footage (Cloverfield/Blair Witch) movie about film students following an unlicensed bear poacher in Norway, it's a lot of fun. Recommended.

Note: The film is running locally only at the Rialto, and only at 9:15pm, and ends Thursday.
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[ profile] maegwynn and I went to see Captain America last night at Mission Valley. What we thought: at least as much fun as Thor. Stay after all the closing credits. comments with minor spoilers, and trailers )
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more Creedence than a man can stand, man )

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