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Thursday night I met [ profile] rdansky at the Carolina Theatre in Durham to see True Grit. The Coen Brothers have set aside their ironic meta-hipster distance and chose to make a straightforward, non-ironic, brutal, and unapologetic Western. (minor spoilers)
What'd you get me for the holiday season, Uncles Joel and Ethan?...Retribution? What's that? )
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Monday night I went to the Colony Theatre to see Black Swan in which two dancers in a New York City ballet company compete for the Swan Queen role in a modern production of Swan Lake. Most reviews are describing the film as erotic psychological horror, and I can accept that: I think of Black Swan as a Dario Argento-like giallo horror film for the arthouse cinema: visually stunning, either psychological or supernatural horror with meticulous attention to detail and style, and a decent budget. Recommended, but with cautions for disturbing themes and images.

minor spoilers )
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Johnny Depp. Angelina Jolie. Venice. Eyecandy and a plot that is just barely enough structure to hang the pretty scenes onto, The Tourist is the narrative equivalent (pace Umberto Eco) of a PG-13 porn movie: pretty but little else there. no spoilers, and trailers )
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[ profile] maegwynn and I went to the IMAX to see the first half of the seventh Harry Potter film. I'm going to assume that almost anyone seeing this film has read the book. Short: Arguably the best film of the franchise to date, not close to disappointing. Some spoilers within, be advised )

[film] RED

Oct. 17th, 2010 09:32 am
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Short: Big dumb fun, a little problematic in spots. The trailer adequately represents the film, so if you like the trailer, you'll probably enjoy the movie. I did. big dumb fun, no spoilers in post )
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Spoiler-free review of The Social Network opening 1 October with a guest review appearance by Hubertus Bigend, and my notes from Monday's screening and Q&A at the Carolina Theatre with Aaron Sorkin, Jesse Eisenberg, and Armie Hammer.
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