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Tonight [ profile] maegwynn decided we would see Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes at Mission Valley. Micro-review: So it's not canon. Deal. Relax. Have fun.
no spoilers not in the trailer, is my rule )
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Saw the midnight show of Avatar at Mission Valley. Visually the most stunning film I have seen all year, long but extremely well-paced. I will see this again, and probably in IMAX to compare MV's 2D to the IMAX 3D. minor spoilers )
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Combining multiple posts together to avoid cluttering lists. one film, two epics )
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Big dumb fun with very big guns. Like most sequels, not a big draw to anyone who didn't see the first film so I can understand its limited release. Avoiding spoilers to the original as well as the sequel )
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Italian 70s slashers, arid arthouse, a very funny movie about zombies, and a revenge action drama. With upcoming film trailer commentaries and a special "rudest movie patron of the month" report.
Pieces, The Limits of Control, Zombieland, Law Abiding Citizen )
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This article on a dual hand transplant was not the first thing I expected to see in my netnewsfeed immediately after watching Peter Lorre's 1935 film Mad Love that revolves around a double hand transplant.

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