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This should catch up with theatric screenings over the last week. Last week [ profile] maegwynn and I went to see Milk at the Rialto and then Slumdog Millionaire at the Colony. See both. your whole life is leading up to this )

Oh, no daily scorpion today as I did not take a picture worth posting. Tomorrow hopefully.
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Catching up on films over the last week. worthy opponents )
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I was wrong. When I first saw the trailer for the Frank Miller-adapted _The Spirit_ I thought it would make _Sin City_ look nuanced and subtle. I did not go far enough and I can now report that _The Spirit_ makes _300_ look nuanced and subtle. some spoilers )
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Monday through Sunday extras, including more on Swedish vampires, Britpop magicians, mental modeling, leaky houses, horrible singalongs, and awesome brunch. seven days..... )
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or, An Inconvenient TruthAlien. GORT is not a bacronym )
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Serenity )
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Van Damme does meta, not action )
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Went to Mission Valley for a midnight showing of Quantum of Solace. Worth staying up for. no real spoilers )
Note: Mission Valley is running midnight showings Friday and Saturday as well.
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Tuxedoes and Walthers at midnight and two other items this week )
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Most of the films are also running tomorrow, you have Sunday to catch many of the ones you might have so far missed this festival.
dark carnival, FBI murders, mafia slaughter, and young Swedish vampire love )

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