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I thought I posted this last week, but apparently not: cthulhu, fruitbats, beagle )
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Working with JB Weld is sometimes like herding shoggoths. Difficult, but rewarding if the Work is performed with correctness. Today's exercise required safety glasses [1], a Dremel grinder [2], bricks and duct tape [3], alcohol [4] and swabs, and a plate [5]. Oh, and two extension cords [6] and a headset [7].

[1] Why?
[2] That's why.
[3] Forms and braces.
[4] Isopropyl [8], for application to the surfaces.
[5] Styrofoam, of course. What do you think, I'm going to use the good plates to mix epoxy on? [10]
[6] The first one was too short to reach the formed and braced area.
[7] If I get a call while working I want to not have to put everything down to answer.
[8] Interesting, Isopropyl is not in spellcheck [9]. How odd. Cthulhu is, though. [11]
[9] Neither is spellcheck. How meta.
[10] Don't answer that. [11]
[11] Footnote [4] to [8] and then [5] to [10] feels not nested, like I'm doing
< i > < b > something < / i > < / b > and the overlapping footnotes feel like I'm violating some DITA / XML-related rule. [12]
[12] Breathing probably isn't DITA-compliant.
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Yog-SothothGoogleplus knows the gate. Yog-SothothGoogleplus is the gate. Yog-SothothGoogleplus is the key and the guardian to the gate. Past, present, and future are one in Yog-SothothGoogleplus.

(Also works with Yog-SothothZuckerberg.)
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Having reread the Raymond Chandler short story Tuesday night, I wonder what the result would have looked like if Chandler had told the story of the Robert W. Chambers novel.
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Yes, I have seen the Tie-thulu, also known as the Lovecraft knot. I received almost as many pointers to the Lovecraft knot as Installing Linux on a Dead Badger (which is also very, very funny) when that was published :). Thanks for thinking of me. I will consider the Lovecraft for the next semi-formal occasion I attend. (I wish the author of the Lovecraft knot illustration had proofread, or spelled better, but that's my problem.)
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"Paper is always with us."
- Yomiko Readman, R.O.D.

Being a roundup of accumulated links about paper, books, libraries, rare books, book collecting, and so on. links and notes within )
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Great Cthulhu is cute and helpful )

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