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Spent the last two days at the East Coast Game Conference 2013, the fifth annual and I've attended them all. Headcount 1351, 20% growth year-by-year sustained.
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Went to CarolinaCon 2013 this weekend. As usual a solid learning experience.

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DoDI "is not 'this is a good idea' or 'we wish you would', it's 'thou shalt' ".

Spent Thursday at Infosecon VIII at NCSU.

Spent Saturday and Sunday at PyCarolinas python developers conference at UNC.

Tried to find a technical event on Friday at Duke for the trifecta but nothing was active that day.
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Slightly redacted notes from Friday and Saturday's CarolinaCon 8 / 2012. Short version: Well worth it.

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Spent the last two days buried in the Raleigh Convention Center at the 2012 East Coast Game Conference. Attended sessions on zombie films and startup similarities (they're both scary to some people, and how to survive analogies), information theory in game design, maximizing soundtrack budgets, applying architecture and human behavior to level design, global distribution (localization) of social games, two keynote addresses, two lunches, and three parties. Had a great time. I love conferences.


Jan. 15th, 2012 09:15 pm
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Went to Illogicon this weekend. Met nice people I didn't already know. Shopped and found one relatively rare and out of print book [ profile] maegwynn was surprised we didn't already have. Saw some nice costumes. Hotel bar opens at 5pm and closes at 11pm on weekends. Also lacked bitters. Bunch of savages in this town. Service, on the other hand, was excellent. Heard [ profile] rdansky read a haunted house story at midnight.

Within walking distance of the hotel was Players Retreat which is a bar that serves food, and David's Dumpling and Noodle Bar which is a restaurant but has a bar. The former has tasty burgers, the best selection of single malts in the RTP area, and a dedicated button on the register for Old Fashioneds, and the latter is inexpensive, very tasty, and quick. Both previously familiar to me, and both recommended.
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Call for Papers for Victorian Energy Crises panel at NEMLA. The [REDACTED] meets steampunk peak oil almost writes itself just from this.
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For those who couldn't make it, or couldn't be there the entire time, all the talks were filmed and they're now all available (along with a smattering of other videos back to CC2006) on
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Spent the weekend with friends at CarolinaCon VII. links )

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