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I've been invited back to play at the Chapel Hill stop of the International Noise Conference US tour tomorrow night. Music begins at 7pm and will go until 1:30am or so am. My cable whip theremin set is at 8:30pm sharp.

Rules: Back-to-back sets / 15 minutes or less / no drone / no laptop

Full list and schedule of performers here:
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record store day 2013

I had three items on my hunt list yesterday, found two. One is in the picture. )
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I was invited to play Tar Heel Music Festival today as part of a trio. We'll be at Jessee's Coffee in Carrboro from 5pm to 5:45pm. Music from many other bands at the Cave, Local 506, and Nightlight until past midnight. I'm looking forward to Gmish, a local klezmer band, among others.

Also today, the second Illogicon at which some of my friends including [ profile] rdansky are invited guests and speakers, and many others are attending is in Cary last night through Sunday. I don't actually have anything in particular I want to ask Tim Powers, although you'd think I would. [ profile] maegwynn and I went last night.
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I'm playing The Cave at 5pm with Stevens and Grimball as part of Tar Heel Sound Fest.
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Theursday night went to Local 506 for Octopus Jones, The Camaraderie, and Winter Sounds.

Octopus Jones was bass, guitar, and drums, and sounded like the Cure instrumentally with the singer having a lot of Elvis Presley's vocal style. The Camaraderie are friends whose page gives "Sounds Like: Josh Ritter, The Civil Wars, The Hush Sound, Death Cab for Cutie, Iron & Wine" which works for me. I stayed for most of Winter Sounds's set: they were the most uptempo of the three and were also enjoyable. I'd see all of these again.

The Camaraderie:

The Camaraderie
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30 June (Saturday) - Subscape Annex with Morgan Evans-Weiler, Remora, Joe Hendrix - Nightlight - Facebook event for the show - doors at 9pm, music at 9:30pm, $5 cover

I am currently planning to perform on arachnobass with effects of rarity.
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May 5th I saw Acid Mothers Temple with Phantom Family Halo and Clang Quartet at Local 506 in Chapel Hill. I've seen AMT several times and enjoyed them every show. AMT plays extremely heavy, complex, instrumental psychedelic rock. Great stuff. Phantom Family Halo kept giving me mental echoes of the Doors, were excellent and I'll gladly see them again. Clang Quartet, my friend Scotty played his usual intense noise set.

pics within )
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points if you recognize the sf novel I snagged the above subject from a frequent remark of the main character) [1]

Sunday I skipped day three and last of the 13th Nevermore Horror Film Festival to run the AV for a 400+ charity fundraiser. Keeping in time for a live and therefore always variable event including videos and still images for a live auction run by a professional auctioneer was an interesting way to spend the day. Performance rig below:

People wonder why I have the apple on the laptop taped over: it's not the branding, it's I don't need to be the center of attention with it and didn't want the JobsSignal shining at the attendee who should look at the big screen, the emcee, the auctioneer, and the band. I'm just off in the shadow being a kuroko like Momus.

Driving back in the unexpected snow and mild slush on the roads was luckily no actual challenge.

[1] A bit more of a hint: currently living author, long publishing history with gaps, not one of the author's best-known works.
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18 January - Chapel Hill - 919noise Showcase night, with Subscape Annex, Derek Poteat (ex-Ahleuchatistas), David Menestres, and Xopher Thurston - Nightlight - event flyer - Facebook event - doors 9pm, show 9:30pm, $5 cover

Last Wednesday's show, thanks to everyone who came. pictures, gear list )
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I won't be able to make tomorrow's screening of The Last Wave as I'll need to be ready for my show tomorrow at the Nightlight. that said, future Wednesdays...

weekly Wednesday screenings at the Varsity in Chapel Hill )
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If you're local and free Sunday afternoon, my friend Shaun is playing at the Ackland Art Museum in Chapel Hill from 1-5pm. From

SUNDAY, 15 January, 1-5 PM: Shaun Sandor Something Old, Something New, Something Wooden, Something Tuned: Electro-Acoustic Sounds for a Sunday Afternoon. Scenes of Chapel Hill--turned to binary code and committed to magnetic tape--meet analog synthesis and handmade strings during this performance by Shaun Sandor.

I played the Ackland a few years ago, it's a nice space.
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On Friday [ profile] maegwynn and I went back to see Henry V (on trapeze) at Burning Coal Theatre Company (a nice surprise to run into [ profile] ovrclokd and [ profile] thebroomecloset at the show, too). [ profile] maegwynn rarely wants to see a show of any kind twice and her wanting to see the production again indicates how much she enjoyed the first time. Last show of the three-week run is this afternoon at 2pm.


...and on a different note, the people who brought a live musical adaptation of Labyrinth last year to the Nightlight in Chapel Hill are staging a live musical adaptation of The Big Lebowski this weekend. Doors at 7pm, show begins at 8pm, two intermissions, and a "Mid-Century Modern Dance Party" of 1950s and 1960s music after. $12 tickets. The Nightlight's bar is well-stocked with White Russians, too.
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Signal Fest, the Southeast Electronic Music Festival, has invited me back to play again this year. details and links )

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