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Victor Frankenstein - I'd say it's redone in the style of Showtime's Penny Dreadful except Penny Dreadful already has a Frankenstein. Better than I, Frankenstein was, overall roughly on a par with Robert Downey Jr's second Sherlock Holmes movie. Lots of action, lots of quips and one-liners.

Opens with a "you know the story" monologue describing the basic elements reminiscent of the opening monologue of V For Vendetta. The movie is, however, a bait and switch: the main character of the movie is Igor narrating his story before, during, and after his time with Victor Frankenstein.

Daniel Radcliffe plays Igor (with hunchback) a lot like the classic Hunchback of Notre Dame, and post-hunchback as Frodo meets Edward Scissorhands.

Inspector Roderick Turpin is played by Andrew Scott, the BBC Sherlock's Moriarity and most recently the technocratic character in the new Bond movie Spectre. Turpin is analytic and deductive in the Sherlock way, but he's also a religious fanatic. One wonders why they chose the name of a famous real-world and literary highwayman who had naught to do with the right side of the law, but almost no one will notice and I found it more amusing than annoying.

I swear Victor Frankenstein's building is the same they used for Ewan MacGregor's starving writer's garret in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge, as well as some of the cityscapes and exterior street sets. Craig Armstrong's (who also did the score for Moulin Rouge) score here is his usual huge orchestral with choirs style.

The monster is very Universal Studios, although the face looked like Mickey Rourke as Marv from the Sin City movies. Great monster.

Weird direction: twice in the movie, James MacAvoy declares his name - but as he starts to say "Vic..." the screen freezes, the soundtrack goes silent, the camera pulls back, and "VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN" appears in huge ornate script across the screen. Very distracting.

Best credit title: a tie between Glass Armonica, and Hair Punching.
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